Welcome to The Vine

Stop in and see us!

Welcome friends and wine lovers to the first of many blog posts from Tomasello Winery’s The Vine. At Tomasello we love many things: wine, food, a good party and our fabulous customers. We want to be a part of your lives. Yes you can stop at one of our seven tasting room locations and our main winery and taste our delicious and award winning wines. But we want to use this blog to show you how Tomasello can be a part of your every day. This blog is like talking to your best friend and asking them what they think about wine. This will be a lot of fun for you and us.

Now you’re probably wondering what fun things we have planned. Well we don’t want to go into too many details (it’ll spoil the surprises). However there are a few things we can share. How many of you like to cook or would like to learn how to cook? We want to show you how to incorporate our wine into your cooking with fun and easy recipes. Who here loves a good party? We want to show you how to throw fun holiday parties and fun “just because” parties too!

One of the best things about our main winery in Hammonton is our brand new grand ballroom. The Crystal ballroom is great for our beautiful in house events, your events and weddings. We want to tell you about our great events, for example we have a fabulous Palmaris wine and steak dinner coming up (more on that soon). Make sure you get the inside scoop on what events we are dreaming up in the future. We also want to highlight past events so even if you can’t make it to our ballroom in Hammonton you can still be here in spirit.

Our biggest hope is that you will get involved with this blog. If you email us (blogsuggestions@tomasellowinery.com) and tell us about any events you plan with us or your fabulous weddings we will try to highlight them here. We love weddings here at Tomasello and with this blog we can talk about how we can help make your day extra special.

So please join us every week to see what Tomasello Winery says next. We are very excited to talk to you and become a part of your family. You are our customers and friends and we love you. Cheers!

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